Thursday, November 6, 2014

Final Assignment: Proposal

For my final assignment, I plan to create eight images, showing eight archetypal life scenes : birth, childhood, preadolescent life, adulthood, love, marriage, parenthood, and the death of a spouse. Inspired by images of Disney's movie, Up, the images created will be silhouettes, allowing a further relateability amongst the viewer and the work. I will begin by using a normal self-owned photo, isolating the surroundings and extracting silhouettes. The extracted silhouettes will then be liquified, cut, and brushed, transforming them into new characters and future scenes through the use of templates. Instead of presenting my final as a slideshow, I plan to record my progress, as I work, presenting a video, with the final scene of the video being the completed scene. I will then readjust the previous completed scene into the next scene via the same process. The camera will be zoomed in, only recording a small area around my cursor, allowing the scene being worked on to be hidden until the end. The background will be a low opacity background, filled with a gradient/image matching the sentiments behind the scene. I plan to work solely on Adobe Photoshop.

Scene Inspiration:
Silhouette and Background Inspiration:

Example Created Video:

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